Tips for Hosting a FOR BO Community Discussion

Organizations and institutions hosting FOR BO community discussions are encouraged to:

  • Feature an interracial, cross-cultural, and interdisciplinary panel of professionals and community leaders who can provide insight and informed perspectives on:
    • Healing racial divides
    • The pervasiveness of racial bias and how to overcome it
    • Relationships between all but especially African-American civilians and police officers
    • Issues within the American criminal justice system
  • Types of panelists to consider:
    • Members of law enforcement
    • A member from your local NAACP chapter
    • Clergy
    • Counselors
    • Psychologists
    • Members of your organization’s diversity, equity, and inclusion office
  • Take active measures to ensure discussions:
    • Allow attendees to share emotions and thoughts in a peaceful and constructive way
    • Encourage ALL points of view to be heard
    • Move conversations in the direction of viable solutions for positive social change
  • Also read the book After Botham by Botham Jean’s sister Allisa Charles-Findley to gain a full perspective and understanding of the impact of Botham Jean’s murder on his family and the community

Starter Discussion Questions:

  • When For Bo ended, what were your immediate emotions? What were you feeling, and why?
  • What does For Bo teach us about the impacts of police brutality on families and the ripple effect it has on the community?
  • For Bo explores many different perspectives on the murder of Bo Jones — the fictional character inspired by Botham Jean. These perspectives range from that of the Jones family, to Amy Guy, to Judge Temp, to community members who voice their thoughts on social media, and more. What point or points of view do you find most enlightening and insightful, and why?
  • What instances of racial bias do we witness in For Bo, and what do we learn from them?
  • What factors do you believe played a role in the death of Bo Jones, and what changes — on individual, organizational, social, and government levels — do you feel can be made to prevent stories like Bo’s from repeating?
  • After reading/watching For Bo and listening to the passionate thoughts of your fellow citizens in this room, name one daily action step you vow to take to help eliminate racial bias from society.