The following testimonials are shared by individuals who participated in the April 2021 FOR BO screening and community discussion presented in conjunction with The Botham Jean Foundation and Texas Christian University Theatre Department. When you host your FOR BO reading and community discussion, be sure to share your testimonials with us!

“Wow…truly wow! I’ve been reflecting on [FOR BO] since Sunday, and I want you to know that I mean I’ve been thinking about [it] every day since I’ve seen it. The last scene is truly haunting because it’s what should’ve happened.. I just…. you did such a brilliantly amazing job taking it from a staged production to a virtual production. The way that you were able to involve so many people for this cause was truly incredible. It was one of the most unique pieces I’ve seen, and it was one of the most sad pieces I’ve seen because it was true. Thank you thank you for sharing your voice with others. Sending love to you and the entire cast and crew!”

~ Molly Mitchell, University of Texas at Tyler Scholarship Coordinator

“I just wanted to tell you that last night (the April 29, 2021 FOR BO Community Discussion) was one of the most powerful talk backs I’ve seen.  Thank you for organizing this, and congratulations again, Ayvaunn, on such a powerful play!  What an incredible piece for the students and community to be a part of.”

~ Dr. Chantel Langlinais Carlson, Professor

“The most valuable piece of information I took away from watching FOR BO and hearing from Botham’s mother and sister was that the difficult conversation of social issues that are killing people daily and impacting a whole community need to be [had]. The play helped me view the perspective of these victims and their families and made me ask the question of when will this end and what can we do to make a change. I took a women’s and gender studies class last semester and my professor implemented a brave space for us to talk and ask questions and to have these conversations. I hope all classes can have a brave space, not a safe space where students are scared to ask questions and say the wrong thing, but can voice what they don’t understand and further become educated over social issues like police brutality. I know that this play and community discussion did make it easier for me to want to have these conversations and ask questions. I hope that other students have an opportunity like this to be able to make a change to our…bubble.”

~ Devina Bueschel, College Student

“The most valuable piece of information I took away from watching FOR BO was his story. I was not familiar with Botham’s story until I watched the play and listened to the discussion. Botham’s story is heart-breaking and a sad reality of our world. I was stunned with the plays ending as it shows how the situation should have played out. Because in reality, one would believe that is how it would have happened….During the discussion, I was taken back when Botham’s mother said that people don’t remember Botham’s name only because there have been so many after him in such a short span of time. When will it end? This play brought light to a tragic story and a sad reality of our world, and we must take action to change this reality.”

~ Anonymous College Student

“After watching the play and coming to the community discussion, the one thing that really stood out to me was the emotion. After hearing everyone speak in the discussion, I was really touched. When I heard Mama Jean speak, I literally was speechless. I really felt her sorrow along with everyone else that spoke. It makes me very sad that this wrong doing is still going on in this world today. It was very moving to hear actually hear someone speak basically in person who has actually been affected by this. It is really something that has changed my whole perspective on things.”

~ Anonymous College Student

“I really enjoyed watching FOR BO. I believe that our country should change their preferences on social norms after getting an inside look from this play. It really gave me the perspective from another side of the racial barrier because of the way it was written. During these trying times I really value the stance that is taken within the play. I applaud Professor Penn on such a well written play (not to mention I loved the illustrations).”

~ Hugh Bourland, College Student

“Firstly, hearing from the family and seeing the pain they are still going through today made me realize that it is more than just a movement and a hashtag. People’s lives are actually being affected, and nothing is being done about it. This made me realize that speaking about it is not enough, but it’s the beginning. We need to be doing more as a community to actually make a difference.”

~ David Seete, College Student

“The most valuable thing I have taken away from watching the FO BO production and the community discussion has been the emotional and real-world impact this murder has had on the family and the greater community. Listening to the community discussion really made the play come to life, connecting the themes and lessons from the play itself to the real-world impact the murder had on the people involved. After listening to everyone who was grateful enough to speak during the zoom, I really was emotionally connected to not only the story but also the family members involved. The community discussion, in my opinion, was even more impactful and influential….It was an eye-opening experience.”

~ Sean Ramsay, College Student

“I did not realize that police brutality was such a important part of our society right now. Growing up, I was not exposed to politics and I was not allowed to watch the news. Watching this play has helped me realized that police brutality needs to be stopped. I also really liked hearing Botham’s mother’s story. I know that it must be really hard to talk about that, so I am really appreciative that she was willing to share her feelings, so I can be aware of what’s going on in our society. I also really enjoyed hearing other people’s thoughts about the play and how they viewed the issue.”

~ Anonymous College Student

“I believe Bo’s mother’s words are what impacted me the most and gave me the most value. Something she mentioned that particularly resonated with me was about the public’s response to racial injustice. She said how cases like Bo happen and are so continuous that the public eventually forgets about one injustice and moves on the the next one. She even said she feels like Bo is forgotten as now people only talk about more recent cases. I do not think that Mrs jean was trying to say that she was upset with the public, but rather that it is so ridiculous these unfathomable injustices occur so often that people forget about previous murders. This was valuable to me it shows the real scope of the problem and leads one to ask, “When will it end?””

~ Nick Abbenhaus, College Student